Software Rental Plan

Software Rental Plan is Fixed Term Plan. Fixed Term is 3-month.  Minimum invest: $5000 USD.

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Agreement Term: 3-month. (automatic renew every 3 months if no written notice by both our company and investor.)

Capital deposit and withdraw:  After invest (minimum $5000 USD),  the fund can not add and withdraw in 3 months. 

Software rental fee:  Based on investment return. 

        1. Deposit: none. 

        2. Every 3 months, 40% of profit belong to our company. 60% of profit belong to investor. 

        3. If in 3 months, no profit, then will see next 3 months. Next calculation will be from last profit-sharing time. 

        4. Rental fee should be paid in 10 days by order from our company.





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Every account needs a VPS account. This VPS should meet our software reqirement. Normally we will buy for investor.

Monthly VPS fee: $35 USD. 

Promotion: All customers will get one free VPS account. (For first account only).



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[list icon=”brankic-icon-checkmark3″ icon_color=”#1e73be” icon_bg=”circle” ]All new customers will get 3-month trial for the first account. ,We will pay your VPS fee for this trial.,We only charge 40% of profit generated for this trial.,No profit no charge.  Minimum fund could be low to $3000 USD.[/list]