Materials and Process

Materials for Open Account:

ID (Passport)  and Address Proof (bill within last 6 months, such as gas, electricity, bank, phone,etc.)  Color copy or photo.


Why need your ID and Address proof?

1- You will sign a software rental aggrement. So we need your ID and Address proof.
2- We will be your Introduce Broker. You will open account through our introduce.
3- Our software is special and better running in special MT4 account. So we will introduce you to better platform forex brokers to run the account.
4- With your information, we can offer better service.


How to supply your materials?

Please EMAIL to our company to supply your documents.  Please include your Name, Phone and Email, and address as well.
( We only accept Email contact for now. thank you.)

or use Open Account to upload your documents.

Open Account