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[accordion title=”Why_Rent_Third_Wave_Forex_Trading_Software?” state=”close” ]

“Third Wave Forex Trading Software” offers a new and totally automated investing method. Trading system monitor the forex market 24 hours 5 days and continue to trade. System will help investors to grow money without spending time.

“Third Wave Forex Trading Software” is developed by our company. After 14 years of history data test, and real account running for more than 1 year,  invest return is more than 50% each year. 


[accordion title=”How_Much_Money_Should_Be_Invested?” state=”close” ]

Suggested minimum amount is $5000 USD. For $5000USD, the investing return will cover VPS fee and basic setup and monitoring fee. 

For less investment, the return will not be enough to cover basic fee and assigned profit.

If you want invest more than 1 million USD, please email us for specific suggestion.

EMAIL: contact@automatedforextrading.ca[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How_to_select_Forex_Broker_to_open_a_trading_account? ” state=”close” ]

There are many forex brokers with different features of Trading Platforms. Our software should be with  such conditions: 
1. Platform: MT4
2. Digi 4 or Digi 5
3. Instant Execution or  Market Execution
4. If fund in account is less than 100,000 USD,  lots start as 0.01 lots.  If more than $100,000 USD, trading lots start as 0.1 lots.
5. Leverage 1:200  (if you want use 1:100, please contact us for confirm) 
6. Account currency: USD
For software to run in good stat, we will suggest a suitable Forex Broker.

[accordion title=”How_to_charge_rental_fee ?” state=”close” ]

Software Rental Fee: Software rental fee is based on Invest Return.  Details:

Target Profit: 5-10%  each month:  

1. Deposit: none.

2. Every 3 months, 40% of profit belong to our company. 60% of profit belong to investor.

3. If in 3 months, no profit, then will see next 3 months. Next calculation will be from last profit-sharing time.

4. Rental fee should be paid in 10 days by order from our company.

This way of profit sharing is best for both parts to be hard working to make more profit.

More details, please see  Software Rental Plan


[accordion title=”If_any_loss,will_our_company_share_some_or_give_some_compensate? ” state=”close” ]

No.  Sorry about loss if happening.  Investor must know forex trading is high risk investment. Our company and software can not guarantee for profit.  Our business is just software rental. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”How_to_pay_rental_fee?” state=”close” ]We accept Cheque and Paypal (Credit Card)[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Do_we_offer_manage_account? ” state=”close” ]

No.  If you rent our software, we will be responsible  to monitor software running and make sure of software working properly.

We have no license to manage customer’s fund. We can not touch customer’s money. All we need is information for running software in customer’s account.

Investor should manage their own money in account. Put in and take out money on their own.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How_to_manage_account?” state=”close” ]Once you open an account, we will help you for details.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How_to_start? ” state=”close” ]

Open account and supply documents through web link:  Open Account

Also you can email to contact@automatedforextrading.ca , Please notify for open account to rent software. 

Include your name, phone and email. 

Supply your documents (passport, ID) and address proof (less than 6 months of bills ).

We will transfer your document to Forex Broker to open a trading account if you have not account yet. 

(More please see Open Account Guide )[/accordion]